Alizeh Hammad
Sania Hammad

Twin sisters Sania Hammad and Alizeh Hammad are the founders of Sate Crate. At the time of the founding in 2022, they resided in southeast Kansas and were juniors in high school in southwest Missouri. The area of their residence and schooling is referred to as the Four State Area (southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma). According to Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (using data from 2018, 2019, and 2020) the Four State area ranked high in food insecurity. The mean household income in this area was lower than that of the coastal America. These factors probably contributed to somewhat lower educational attainment in this area compared with the coastal states. The late second and the early third decades of the twenty-first century saw a considerable influx of immigrant workers and refugees in this area, for example, immigrants from Somalia and Afghanistan. The immigrants faced food and economic stresses that were much greater than that of the resident population.

The goal of Sate Crate is to help alleviate the stressors related to food that the residents of this area have endured. The Islamic Society of Joplin has partnered with Sate Crate to this end.

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